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Top Tips for Ordering Office Catering

OfficeAre your office functions getting a little too big for just coffee and biscuits? Maybe you’ve got some important clients coming for a long meeting and want to make an impression? Or you’ve got special dietary requirements and requests to take care of? While everyone is busy running the business, nobody has the time to be in the staff kitchen preparing a gourmet spread for your next office event, so the logical answer is to get a quality caterer to bring the feast to you.

But how do you know you’re getting it right?

  • Variety is key
  • Hot or Cold
  • Dietary Requirements
  • Over and Under-ordering
  • Budget
  • Expect the Unexpected

Salads at Denning Road Lunch Supply BunburyVariety Is Key

Gone are the days of the simple sandwich platter. Change it up to suit the occasion with non-messy finger foods suitable for working lunches, or try more exotic dishes to be eaten during presentations.

Hot or Cold

Depending on the occasion and the season, your choice of food options is crucial to a successful event. A team lunch (where food is implied and the focus) calls for hot food that is filling and substantial and eaten quickly. In meetings where discussion is the objective, cold finger foods like sandwiches and Asian rice paper rolls can be eaten discreetly and quickly and not disrupt the flow.

Dietary Requirements

Organisers need to take into consideration that some employees or guests may have allergies or intolerances to certain foods. Be sure to mention to your caterer that you have diagnosed allergies amongst those who will be consuming the food to allow them to cater to those people and keep offending food items away.

Most workplaces encourage healthy eating at their meetings/lunches and options should be presented for those wishing to make better choices. Refined carb-heavy meals can have a negative impact on the days productivity so be sure to provide light, tasty and healthy options.

Sausage rolls at Denning Road Lunch Supply BunburyOver and Under-Ordering

Whilst one of the perks of an office supplied lunch is the takeaways back to the desk for afternoon smoko, you don’t want to be left with enough leftovers to hold another 100 member staff meeting. The big question to avoid over or under-ordering is ‘who is coming and what are they coming for?’.

Men eat more than women, so order extra if it’s all boys (typically one extra serve per 8-10 men). Buffet style tends to disappear fast because people have seconds and if finger food is left out on trays (rather than portion controlled by portable servers), the food also vanishes quick.

Ending up with too much food is not desirable, but definitely more preferable than not having enough.


Catering costs vary greatly across different companies. Don’t order fancy food for staff that won’t appreciate or eat it, but splash out for those clients you want to impress. At Denning Road, you can provide us with your allocated budget and we can work out the cost effective quantities.

Sandwiches & Wraps - Office Catering in BunburyExpect the Unexpected

Office meetings are easy; you know exactly how many staff you have needing food so ordering will be a breeze. Networking and special events are another story. Even if you sell tickets or request RSVP’s, you may incur no-shows and extras that haven’t been allocated a seat, or a meal. To accommodate fluctuating attendee numbers, the recommendation is to order for the minimum you expect and call at least 24 hours before the event to make any changes.

Office Catering in Bunbury Call Denning Road Lunch Supply

At Denning Road Lunch Supply, we endeavour to make organising and ordering your office catering as simple as possible. By using these tips your office catering will be so much easier and save time, money and stress whilst you get back the business at hand.

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