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Best Office Catering in Bunbury

Yummy Wraps PlattersOffice catering is more than just a packet of biscuits and instant coffee. Maybe you’ve got some important clients coming for a long meeting and want to make an impression, or you’ve got special dietary requirements and requests to take care of? Meetings are important for your business, but so are your staff’s attention spans, so keep everyone happy with food that they can eat and that will promote alertness and energy to contribute.

With fresh, local produce, same day service and a large assortment of platters to choose from, Denning Road Lunch Supply is your best choice for delicious catering options at affordable prices. From simple morning teas to big lunch meetings, Denning Road Lunch Supply has the catering solution for you, no matter what restrictions or unexpected happenings yu may need to work with.

Some things to consider when ordering your office catering include:

  • Ordering Too Much or Too Little
  • Allergies and Intolerances
  • Make Changes When Required

Ordering Too Much or Too Little

Ordering just the right amount to satisfy everyone and not leave a pile of leftovers is a defined skill which is usually developed over time and several meetings in your workplace. Ending up with too much food is not ideal, but definitely more preferable than not having enough.

The general rule of thumb is one extra serve per 8-10 men, so business meetings with predominantly men will need to keep this in mind. Another factor is the time of the event. If it is a main meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) meeting, you will need to provide a substantial meal rather than snacks. Buffet style and finger foods are popular and vanish quickly, especially with hot foods such as wedges, quiches and sausage rolls.

Allergies and Intolerances

Salads at Denning Road Lunch Supply BunburyMost workplaces will have a staff member or two that has a recognised food allergy or intolerance and the person responsible for ordering the office catering needs to take into consideration that some guests may also have allergies or intolerances to certain foods. Be sure to mention to your caterer that you have diagnosed allergies amongst those who will be consuming the food to allow them to cater to those people and keep offending food items away.

Most workplaces encourage healthy eating at their meetings/lunches and options should be presented for those wishing to make better choices. Refined carb-heavy meals can make people sleep and have a negative impact on the meetings purpose so be sure to provide light, tasty and healthy options.

Make Changes When Required

Knowing just how many staff you have for an office meeting makes ordering easy, but networking and special events are another story. Even if you sell tickets or request RSVP’s, you may incur no-shows and extras that haven’t been allocated a seat, or a meal. To accommodate fluctuating attendee numbers, the recommendation is to order for the minimum you expect and call at least 24 hours before the event to make any changes.

Looking for The Best Office Catering In Bunbury?

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